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Doctors Adventures Savannah is annoyed of finding her roommates used condoms around the house. When she confronts her about the situation she finds out it's not her who is leaving them around. Savannah's roommate explains how her sexual behavior has been out of control late free Savannah is annoyed of finding ... 3m 4s - 6836 views Doctors Adventures Keiran is running away from a Mexican cartel and has opted for a face transplant. Dr. Roxxx questions him into telling the truth as to why he is running. We come to learn that he had been dipping his cock in the wrong pussies and the big boss is mad. hardcore Keiran is running away from a M... 3m 2s - 15761 views Doctors Adventures Jordan can't stop thinking about sex and seeing Dr. West's big juggs just makes it worse. He can't stop saying all the dirty shit he'd like to so to her tits. Surprisingly, this situation turns her on a lot. So she asks him to put his pants down and wraps porn Jordan can't stop thinking abou... 3m 1s - 10202 views Doctors Adventures Dr.Lenee needs Keiran's Sperm sample but he seems to be having problems producing it. She takes matters into her own hands and gives Keiran the motivation he needs to make it happen. Dr.Lenee needs Keiran's Sperm s... 3m 3s - 25116 views Doctors Adventures Dr.Milano has another patient prepped for a penis enlargement operation. Dr Milano has something on her mind and cannot operate with shaky hands so Billy offers her something that would calm her nerves. Billy's warhammer definitely broke down all of Dr. M Dr.Milano has another patient p... 3m 5s - 10006 views Doctors Adventures Charles goes to the dentist for an emergency procedure, but is so stressed out that the laughing gas does not work to calm his nerves. Dr. Divine has to go the whole 9 yards to make sure that he is fully relaxed for her to start the operation. She will ri Charles goes to the dentist for... 3m 3s - 6590 views Doctors Adventures Dr Phoenix Marie still has a wild side to herself that no-one at work knows... yet... After work, she decides to take some extasy and party all night long and the next day is a hard one for her. She has appointments for a full physical on Jez which is not Dr Phoenix Marie still has a wi... 3m 8s - 10813 views Doctors Adventures Rocco participates in an alcohol research that requires him to drink shots of mixed alcoholic drinks Rocco participates in an alcoho... 3m 0s - 6687 views Doctors Adventures This a medically defined term known to affect the bottom of the foot. Over the past ten years, studies have reported that 1:6 women suffer from this condition. It is initiated by extreme pressure from footwear such as heels or boots. The clitoris gets sti This a medically defined term k... 2m 59s - 9975 views Doctors Adventures Scott deals medication out in the black market and he needs to get a prescription for Viagra so he can sell it to one of his best clients. Scott goes in to see the doctor and Dr.Ried decides to make sure that a young man like Scott really can't get it up Scott deals medication out in t... 3m 0s - 11539 views Doctors Adventures Priya volunteers for a clinical study that will pay her compensation Priya volunteers for a clinical... 3m 5s - 45233 views Doctors Adventures Keiran Lee is about to go for a vasectomy because his wife is tired of having babies. While his dick was under local anesthesia, Dr. West and Dr. Lomeli went a step further in patient satisfaction and gave him the ride of his life to make Keiran Lee is about to go for a... 3m 2s - 28320 views Doctors Adventures Rebecca and Keiran haven't been having sex due to their busy alternate schedules. Without sex weighing on his mind Keiran's IQ has sky rocketed while his partners, Rebecca has plummeted. Not understanding just what the problem is they head to Dr. Veronica Rebecca and Keiran haven't been... 2m 55s - 8739 views Doctors Adventures Dr. Monroe is used to seeing grown men cringe at the thought of getting their prostate exam Dr. Monroe is used to seeing gr... 3m 4s - 91714 views Doctors Adventures Johnny has an appointment at the dentist with Dr Lynn! Johnny has an appointment at th... 3m 0s - 12161 views Doctors Adventures When Dr. Presley walks in the room where her next patient is waiting, she finds Charles with a rare case of "Girlstuckoncock"... She doesn't hesitate for a second and works her magic to get the girl off. She then notices Charles' large attribute and decid When Dr. Presley walks in the r... 3m 4s - 8918 views Doctors Adventures Johnny is a very important figure who has checked to the emergency room of Brazzers hospital. His generous donations to the hospital make him believe he has the right to be a prick.He's making nurse Bitoni's job very hard with all his demands and complain Johnny is a very important figu... 3m 6s - 11010 views Doctors Adventures Three college football athletes are sent to Dr. Moore's office to get their annual hernia test. It's business as usual as Carmel feels up the three young players balls. But when it's Billy's turn she is unsure if his balls are to big because of a hernia o Three college football athletes... 3m 4s - 10807 views Doctors Adventures TJ barges into Dr Beach's office because he accidentally glued one of his hands to his cock and his other hand to a Brazzers DVD. Dr Beach carefully removes his hands from his cock and the DVD and makes him feel all better again. TJ barges into Dr Beach's offic... 3m 5s - 12800 views Doctors Adventures Keiran has a problem. A serious one. He blows his load in like, 26 seconds, or something fast like that. He goes to see Dr. Stone to see if she can fix him. Will she fix him? Damn straight she'll fix him real good-like! Keiran has a problem. A serious... 3m 3s - 18111 views

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