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Katja Description Katja is a German girl whose only nude appearances have been on here. And in this moving picture, entitled "Lifestyle in Motion," Katja makes a very seductive plea to be among the finest models we had. The essence of this movie is that Katja is lying on a rock in the sun, applying lotion to her supple young and completely naked body. But there's more to it than that! The movie starts with a close-up on Katja, who is licking her lips, eyes closed, and leaning back in a state of bliss. You can tell she is aroused by the camera's presence, and that she has every intention of putting on a show for us. What strikes you immediately is just how intimate Katja is with the viewer. She really invites you into her world...her fresh, young, naked, beautiful world. As her hands run over her body, you start to see that there's nothing fake about what Katja's doing. She is rubbing her body with lotion and it is truly turning her on. Her fingers rub her nipples, and her back arches with ecstasy. Her thighs open slowly, and you can see her belly ripening and rising. Her flesh turns pink with delight, and she is all a-flush with feminine joy. Ethnicity White Hair Color Red Hometown Germany

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