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Jezebel Description While the great majority of our models are of the white-skinned variety, we do have a few exceptional stand-outs, and chief among them is Jezebel. The daughter of an American serviceman and a German woman (who met while her father was on leave from his base outside Frankfurt), Jezebel is a testament to the magical power of mixed race offspring. Cultures cross in her, and she brings out the best in each. And because of her uniqueness, Jezebel's images conjure up a variety of cultural and historical associations that make viewing her images that much more exciting. Is this the face of Cleopatra, who lured Marc Anthony away from his duties at Rome? Is this the face that lured Matisse to live for years in the Pacific Islands savoring the beauty of the untouched wilderness and its people? Is this the face of the future, when all racial divides have fallen? We can only hope so. But beyond all such cultural and historical contexts, Jezebel is just a very pretty young woman whose nude posing is refreshingly sincere and erotic. And for this reason, if for nothing else, she is our Best Of model this week. Ethnicity Black Hair Color Brown Eye Color Brown Hometown Frankfurt, Germany